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How to take a great Photograph!

I often am asked,”what can I do to look better in a picture?” Although there is not ONE right answer, I have done my homework, improved my own posing techniques, and am able to answer the question for a bride. There are a few “rules” to looking good in a photograph. Here are the ones I believe to be the most important:

1. Long Neck.

-There is nothing less attractive than a “turtle neck.” You know the way you throw your head back like a turtle tucking into a shell when you laugh naturally?! It only makes your neck look like a tree trunk, and we all know THAT won’t make it into the wedding album. So practice elongating the neck before your wedding day. This will make those table to table shots 100% better. You may even want them =). If you still don’t know what I’m talking about look at every model on the cover of Self Magazine. Exhibit A:

2. Space.

– Standing with your arms flat to your sides doesn’t do anyone any favors. It not only pushes out the arm fat, but it ads to your breadth. Nobody wants to look wider than they really are, so practice creating space with your body. Exhibit B (Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Model):3. Soft Hands.

– Nobody needs a Kung Foo Grip on their bridal bouquet (it’s not going to jump out of your hands), and when the photographer asks you to gently touch your grooms shoulder, you don’t need to give it the death grip (he’s there, your marrying him, and he’s not running away! haha). Exhibit C provided by “Brides” Wedding Magazine:

And Destination Weddings:

These three tips are a great start to beautiful photographs! Practice in the mirror, or with your groom, and we will see you on wedding day!

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