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Graylyn Estate Wedding Photographer

There are some weddings that you wish would never end because everything was just so perfect. From the location, to the sweet family, to the love that you see between not only bride and groom but the whole family. This was one of those weddings. I was close to crying a few times as I witnessed the vows, watching the first dances, and hearing the toasts given. The couple actually knew each other as kids. There was a photo on the slideshow of the mother of the bride touching the mother of the grooms belly as she carried the groom (mother of the brides future son in law). How cool is that?! The couple and their families are sweet as they come. Thank you for allowing us to capture your wedding memories. It was a beautiful day!

Thank you also to Graylyn Estate: and Embellished Blooms: Embelished Blooms. I must also add a comment by the coordinator at Grylyn Estate: ” WOW, if I could get away with saying that over and over I would.  I am blown away by your work.  I had no idea that you were up to all this beautiful work when you were here that day.  It’s most excellent.  Thank you for sharing with me.  I will forward this to our marketing department so that they can see if there is anything they would like to use in the future.  Absolutely amazing.  Thank you again for sharing.  I do hope I see you again.” – Thank you Paula and we really hope to be back soon!!!!!

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