Meet Sarah

When I was a teenager I lived and breathed weddings. I dreamt of meeting the love of my life and getting married. I used to clip magazines and put my dream wedding photos into a book. This was back before Pinterest when life was a little more chaotic, lol! Now I’m a wedding photographer and I love what I do. There aren’t many jobs in which you can be with people at the happiest point in their lives. I can relate because my wedding day was one of the happiest days of mine. My high school sweet heart is also one of the lead photographers in our family team, Josh. We met when I was 15 and he was 17, married at 21 and 23 (youngins). We now have four adorable kids. Life is chaotic! I take phone calls during the kids nap times, and I work in between mealtimes, school time, playtime, and madness, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m a science nut. I was a Biology major in college but decided family would come before work and being a doctor contradicted that thought–for me anyway. So I stepped into the family business, but that doesn’t stop me from reading any and every article I can find on dinosaurs, cells, and medicine. One day I would like to be a birth photographer because birth amazes me! The fact that God can create life so intricately in a mothers womb and then give her the joy of holding her newborn for the first time, forgetting all the pain, is just breathtaking to me. I love to see our clients getting married and starting their own families! The joys of life make me smile, and to be able to capture those moments for people is the best feeling in the world.

I love walking into people’s houses and seeing a piece of art that I have given them to cherish for a lifetime.

I love coffee! I enjoy coffee every afternoon as my kids nap. It’s my -me- time. I make my own pumpkin spice syrup and chocolate for mochas. I also have an espresso machine and enjoy making up new latte creations.

I love the mountains. If I could live in Asheville I would, but family comes first and right now they all live in Fayetteville, NC (bummer….I know).

I’m not a beach person unless it’s in the Fall. Otherwise the sand, sun, water, and hot just make me feel all icky. Unless you are having a wedding at the beach in which case I’m cool with it ;). All of this being said I chose UNCW for college and spent many days studying on the beach, lol. Maybe I should rephrase and say that I’m good with it as long as there is a shower near 😉

I love dolphins. My husband took me to Charleston where we had the best time kayaking. Dolphins popped up all around us and that was just amazing. I’ve had the opportunity to swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove in Florida and hope to return with the kiddos.

I love family time, so it’s pretty cool to work with my husband on the weekends. I know it’s all sappy but being with him at weddings makes me remember our own wedding day. It kind of reinforces all the reasons we fell in love. Awww =).

That pretty much sums me up. I look forward to talking to you online and helping you plan your wedding day!!!!

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