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Should you invite kids to your wedding or not?  That is the question. I was recently reading an article in “Brides” magazine  (http://www.brides.com/) on the topic of entertaining  kids on wedding day. I would say YES invite the kids, because they can be SO much fun. Kids can turn a dull moment into a bright one. They can also get people out on the dance floor! I go to a lot of weddings and the first people to usually grace the dance floor (after the formal dances of course) are the kids.



In order to have a successful wedding day with kids (instead of a disaster), you just have to know how to entertain them. So,  I have put together a few ideas with the help of Brides Magazine and GreenWeddingShoes.com (www.greenweddingshoes.com).

1.  Think about the photo order. You want to make sure the kids get their photos first. This way they can go on to the reception and enjoy some snacks!

2. Practice and praise. Make sure you practice with them going down the aisle, and then praise them when they do it right!

3. Entertain them. During the ceremony have lollipops, finger puppets, and picture books. At the reception have a coloring table, craft paper, puzzles, stamps and stickers, etc..

4. Feed them kid food. Have kids meals for them (pizza, chicken fingers, etc.) for dinner.

5. Have a cupcake topper table! This would need to be adult supervised, but kids big and small would enjoy this activity. Check out the DIY project at GreenWeddingShoes.com (http://greenweddingshoes.com/diy-a-cupcake-topping-bar/)

6. Bubbles. Give the kids bubbles and they will gladly create a dreamy, bubble filled, first dance area for you.

7. BabySitter. Have a VIP room for the kids during the ceremony. At the reception you won’t care if they run around, but you might not want them at your ceremony running around, so hire a sitter! There are plenty of services now days that will fully entertain the kiddos for you while you get hitched.

There are plenty of creative things you can come up with for the kids, but don’t tell them to stay home. They definitely add to your wedding day and to the candid moments for your photographer!

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